Perlite, the 21st century production
Posted on Apr 8, 2019
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Asia, Iran
zaminkav zaminkav
Nowadays, concerning the rising cost of energy resources and relevant disputations about the management of energy consumption in Iran and the world, Perlite with its unique properties has attracted experts in various industries. Expanded benefiting from silicic firm constitution and abundant porosity has got a good resistance against both cold and heat and it applies as insulation in building industries, fireproof industries and iron melting. Besides these advantages, the pores cause Lightweight and extensive application of this product in Lightweight materials industries. With using expanded Perlite in agriculture, the maintenance capacity of food and soil’s oxygen is heightened and this point causes the better and more plant rooting. Also, the microscopic cavities of the product in filtration industries separate the micron floating materials in pulp product. The ZaminKav Company, producer of the superior expanded Perlite in Iran ZaminKav Company Tel: +98(21)88385541-3 Fax: +98(21)88385096 Mobile: +989365077781
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