Calcium carbonate trading
Posted on Apr 15, 2019
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Asia, Iran
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Limestone or calcium carbonate has rarely existence as pure lime in nature. This mineral is mostly available in the form of clay lime, sandy lime, dolomite and white mud. Its natural color is white or colorless. The specific gravity is 2.72 and the hardness in Mohs table scale is 3. Applications: In the pipe, profiles and plates In the polyolefin In the drilling industry In the sanitary industries In the plastic and rubber industry In the oil drilling industry In the paint industry In the food and pharmaceutical industry In the cable and wire industry In the plastic shoe and shoe soles industry (suede and synthetic leather) In the injection molding ZaminKav Company Tel: +98(21)88385541-3 Fax: +98(21)88385096 Mobile: +989365077781 Keywords: calcium carbonate, drilling industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint
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